Interesting cases

Although our offices are conveniently located for work in the Greater London area, our work is not only national, but international. For instance, a Kuwaiti family engaged us to design a new home in Kuwait City to meet the needs of their daughter, seriously disabled as a result of medical negligence. Our recommendations and design solutions had to take into account not only stringent space standards but also the culture and customs of a Muslim family.

Our international portfolio requires flexibility in working with local care services and property markets. For instance, a project based in San Francisco required us to collaborate with California-based care professionals and realtors. We also have experience in managing work remotely yet efficiently and effectively. We monitored a New Zealand based project via on line photographic evidence, utlilising the 12 hour time difference to our full advantage.

Our work demands a sensitive and creative approach to a huge range of disabilities. For instance, a claimant who had lost his speech as a result of a psychological reaction to his car accident required us to communicate through a combination of signing, drawing and writing.

We bring to every project a unique combination of professional and personal skills.

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